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About the Lung Health Check Programme

The Lung Health Check programme in the East of England is part of a wider national initiative, aiming to significantly reduce cases of lung cancer being identified at a late stage. The programme is targeted at people living in high incidence areas who are at an increased risk from lung cancer due to being smokers or having had a history of smoking.   

9If you are registered in one of our locations in the East of England you will be assessed and invited for a lung health check. Lung Health Check services currently available in the East of England are located at Great Yarmouth, Southend, Luton, Thurrock, Peterborough, Clacton, Harlow and in the Central Bedfordshire area.  

Invitations will be sent to those who are registered with their GP, aged between 55 - 74 years, who live in one of the designated areas and have a history of smoking or are current smokers. 

We would encourage anyone who receives an invite to lung health checks, to take it up and book their appointment.

The service will be expanded across the region, by 2029 all eligible people in the East of England will have been invited.

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Malcolm Lawson is the lung cancer lead for the East of England, in these short videos he introduces the Targeted Lung Health Check programme and encourages people to attend their appointment. 



If you would like to learn about the TLHC programme and watch the British Sign Language version of the video it is available here.