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Thurrock was our first lung health check site in the East of England.  This area has been selected as it has a higher incidence of lung cancer being diagnosed at a late stage, making it a priority area for early testing.

If you feel you meet the criteria but didn't receive a letter or respond when you did get a letter, please contact our lung health check team if you are still interested in having an appointment. Contact details are available below. 

What to expect

If you are eligible, you will receive a letter or text message inviting you for an initial Lung Health Check.

The initial assessment will take place over the phone or in person with a health professional. During the initial Lung Health Check, you will be asked some questions about your breathing, overall lung health, lifestyle and family and medical history.

There are three possible results from your lung health check:

  • No problems found - the health professional may find nothing further to investigate and you will be discharg ed from the lung health check programme. We will write to your GP to tell them this.
  • Referral to your GP - if problems with your breathing or lung health are found, you might be referred to your GP. The team will write to your GP so they know about the outcome.
  • Offered a scan of your lungs - If you are assessed to be at a higher risk of lung cancer now or in the future you will be offered a scan of your lungs (a Low Dose CT scan). test

Location and contact details

The lung health check will be performed over the phone. You will be asked questions to assess your risk. If you are deemed to be high risk you will be invited to a low dose CT scan in a community setting. These are usually in locations that are easily accessible such as supermarket car parks or sometimes in local leisure centres.

We look at local bus routes and car park facilities when we select our sites to make them accessible. 

Team contact number: 0300 300 1557

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If they are interested, all current smokers are offered referrals to smoking cessation service. Details of the smoking cessation service are available at:

 Telephone number: 0800 292 2299 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

My story

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29th NovMeeting Kathleen from ThurrockKathleen, a previous smoker, aged 70, was invited for a free lung health check. As a smoker, who had moved on to e-cigarettes four years ago, she felt sure she would have something found. She said: “I’ve always taken part in other...
Meet Keith and Maria from Thurrock
29th NovMeet Keith and Maria from ThurrockKeith is a 68 year old grandfather of six and a great grandfather to one. He and his wife Maria live in Thurrock. In June 2021, Keith was invited on to the Targeted Lung Health Checks screening programme. Having been a smoker,...


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