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Milton Keynes

Invites are currently going out to people registered at participating GP practices in Milton Keynes.

Invitations will continue to be sent out over the course of 2024 until all eligible GP practice patients (at the 29 practices) in Milton Keynes have been invited. 

A list of those GP practices already involved is provided in the information below.

Please wait until you hear from your GP practice about your invite. 

What to expect

If you are eligible, you will receive a letter or text message inviting you for an initial Lung Health Check.

The initial assessment will take place over the phone or in person with a health professional. During the initial Lung Health Check, you will be asked some questions about your breathing, overall lung health, lifestyle and family and medical history.

There are three possible results from your lung health check:

  • No problems found - the health professional may find nothing further to investigate and you will be discharg ed from the lung health check programme. We will write to your GP to tell them this.
  • Referral to your GP - if problems with your breathing or lung health are found, you might be referred to your GP. The team will write to your GP so they know about the outcome.
  • Offered a scan of your lungs - If you are assessed to be at a higher risk of lung cancer now or in the future you will be offered a scan of your lungs (a Low Dose CT scan). 

Location and contact details

The TLHC mobile unit address is:

Asda Milton Keynes Super Centre Car park

Bletcham Way

Milton Keynes


Our team contact number: 01908 997289

Luton and Dunstable Hospital will be responsible for sending out invites, their contact number is 01582 497141.

GP practices involved

Participating surgeries include the Red House surgery, Whaddon Medical Centre, CMK surgery, Westcroft and Kingfisher surgery, Ashfield, Purbeck, Stony, Fishermead and Wolverton.

Meet the team

The team comprise: 

Amie Nichols, Targeted Lung Health Check Lead Nurse.

Jobina Joseph,  Targeted Lung Health Check patient co-ordinator

Anjana Pattni, Targeted Lung Health Check patient co-ordinator