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Received an Invitation

Your GP practice has identified you as person who is eligible for a free NHS Lung Health Check. This is part of a wider programme across 14 initial areas in England that have been identified to be part of this programme. Those who are eligible have the opportunity to be assessed by a nurse to see if they may be at higher risk. Anyone who is seen as high risk can then take advantage of a low dose CT scan to find out if their lungs are healthy. 


Have you received an invite to a CT scan?

If you have been invited for your lung health check, your risk score will be calculated and you may be invited to go along for a low dose CT scan. Some people feel worried about being screened. You can find more about the programme in the useful information section of the website, including a leaflet about the service and a series of Frequently Asked Questions. The video explains how this will work and how safe, non-invasive and easy it is.

 You can also watch a video with an overview of the programme on the "About the Lung Health Check Programme