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Received an Invitation

Your GP practice has identified you as person who is eligible for a free NHS Lung Health Check. These are being offered in a number of locations across the region, as part of a wider national programme.

Targeted Lung Health Checks are being offered to people registered with their GP, aged between 55 - 74 years, who have a history of smoking or are current smokers. If you are registered in one of our participating lung health check locations and meet these criteria and are considered eligible you will be invited for a lung health check either at a local hospital or a community location.  

The nurse-led assessment results in a risk score to see who is at higher risk.  



If you have had your lung health check, your results will be screened by health care professionals and you will be written to with the next steps and any treatment or referrals you may need.

A leaflet has been designed to tell you what will happen with your lung health check results: Lung Health Check Leaflet

After this initial assessment you may then be offered a low dose CT scan to find out if your lungs are healthy.