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Targeted lung health checks have been visiting Southend

Targeted lung health checks have been visiting Southend

Did you know lung cancer often doesn’t show symptoms until the later stages? A Lung Health Check can spot issues early, often before you notice any symptoms, allowing for fast action to save more lives.

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People in Southend visited the Asda, in Shoebury on Thursday 17 March to find out more and talk to a member of the lung health checks team.

The lung health check events are aimed at people aged 55 to 75 who smoke or have smoked in the past, with the aim of raising awareness and reduce the number of people dying prematurely from lung disease.

The event gave people the chance to walk through some 12ft high mega lungs – supplied by the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. 

The team were able to offer lots of helpful information including:

  • Whose eligible,
  • What’s involved,
  • Why you should attend.

The event was well attended with plans for more across mid and south Essex.