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Local Councillors visit Lung Health Check facility in Shoeburyness during Love Your Lungs Week

Local Councillors visit Lung Health Check facility in Shoeburyness during Love Your Lungs Week

The Targeted Lung Health Checks programme team received a visit on 23 June from Councillor Meg Davidson, Councillor Steven Buckley, Councillor, Councillor Maxine Sadza and Councillor Nigel Folkard.

They visited the CT Scanning unit at Asda Shoebury and heard first-hand how many residents have already benefited from the lung health checks programme.

Over 4,000 people have already been sent an invite to have a lung health check, which is initially done over the phone.  Around 864 of people have taken up the opportunity receive a virtual consultation, which determines if they might need a low dose CT scan of their lungs.  Figures up to the end of May show that 158 people have had a scan and around 18% of those people had been found to have symptoms that needed further investigation or treatment.

Councillor Maxine Sadza for Milton Ward

“This is a brilliant scheme and it was great to hear that Southend, is one of the Phase 3 sites delivering the National Targeted Lung Health checks programme. The scanning facility is state of the art, and the impact it will have on improving outcomes for people who may not know they had cancer, will be immense. 

“If you are in the eligible group and you have received an invite, it’s time to Love Your Lungs make sure you take it up, it could save your life.”

Detecting cancers early and treating them sooner means better outcomes for people. I urge people come forward when they are invited.

The programme started in April 2022, and invites have been sent in a phased way. The Lung Health Checks team, which is run by NELFT, is supported by Southend CCG, Mid and South Essex Foundation Trust and local stop smoking services. The programme will continue for three years.

Southend has one of the highest rates of death from lung cancer in the UK and some of the highest rates of smoking with 42% of the local population labelled as smokers. The programme is one of the second wave of sites to be rolled out as part the NHS Long Term Plan. Over 17,000 people in Southend will meet the criteria to be invited.

Dr José Garcia, GP and Chair of Southend Clinical Commissioning Group said:

“Being able to show our local councillors the work that has gone into making this lung health checks pilot happen for our residents really gives a boost to the programme. As GPs we are encouraging all our eligible residents to take up their invitation when it comes. Don’t delay, make your appointment.”

To find out more about the lung health checks programme and to see if you are eligible for free lung health check visit;